Jim KetchWelcome to IAH Podcast, a series from the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

James Ketch, UNC music professor and jazz studies director, is passionate about teaching and learning. In 1992, he was the first IAH fellow, funded by David and Becky Pardue. Since then, he has continued to flourish in his teaching, service and research.

He was recently featured on the Arts & Sciences Foundation’s 40th anniversary website series. In this podcast we catch up with Ketch to discuss what projects he is working currently. With 39 years at UNC, his skills on the trumpet have taken him all over. This includes serving as Associate Director for Savannah Music Festival’s Swing Central Jazz student program. He’s working on a book on teaching music improvisation and performing with professional musicians. This, of course, he does when he is not teaching and mentoring full-time to aspiring musicians at UNC.



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