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King's College Fund

In support of a collaborative partnership with King's College London and UNC, the Institute for the Arts and Humanities provides funds for projects and events that are designed to advance this relationship.


For Support from King's College Fund

Thursday, March 19, 2015

UNC faculty and graduate students from participating units may apply to the King’s College Fund for support for projects and collaborative events that advance the relationship between UNC and KCL. This program is supported by the Dean’s Office, the Institute for the Arts and Humanities, and participating departments and programs in the College of Arts and Sciences. All proposals should be approved by the Chair of the faculty/graduate students’ department or curriculum.

Funds may be requested to cover travel by UNC faculty and graduate students, costs of housing and hospitality for events, and other expenses if appropriate. Support for each funded proposal will typically range between $2,000 and $10,000.

To Apply

Applicants must provide the following information in their proposal:

  1. Name, department and contact information for applicant
  2. Title and nature of event/collaboration/initiative
  3. Collaborating departments at each institution
  4. Expected number of people involved and their roles 
  5. Tentative schedule and dates for the event
  6. Budget for expected expenses, including possible alternate or additional sources of funds
  7. Statement about how the event will contribute to the UNC-KCL collaboration (one paragraph)
  8. Brief statement about expected outcomes (e.g., publications, conferences) 
  9. Applicant’s statement confirming Department Chair approval of proposal

Please click here to download the application form (required of all applicants)

Send the completed application form to the Institute for the Arts and Humanities as an e-mail attachment to

A Steering Committee consisting of representatives from all participating departments and curricula will discuss the proposals and recommend the allocation of payments from the King’s College Fund. 
Participating units include all those making a commitment to the three-year funding plan, which currently includes: Institute for the Arts and Humanities; English and Comparative Literature; History; Global Studies; Music; Classics; and Peace, War and Defense. Other departments are welcome to join.
For more information about the UNC/King’s College partnership or our electronic application process, contact Executive Director Maria LaMonaca Wisdom at 919.843.2653 or

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