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About the Institute

The Institute for the Arts and Humanities strengthens UNC’s commitment to the liberal arts by supporting and honoring UNC faculty’s innovative research, inspirational teaching and imaginative leadership.

The Institute for the Arts and Humanities helps UNC recruit, refresh, develop, and retain a world class faculty of teachers and scholars. The IAH provides resources to support faculty initiatives and a place for enriching intellectual exchanges.  Our two core programs—the Faculty Fellows Program and the Ruel W. Tyson Jr. Academic Leadership Programs—highlight our collegial model, with faculty developing their talents and goals through interaction with colleagues. Our ancillary activities respond to emerging trends in various academic fields, to issues of concern to the UNC community, and to promoting the spirit of the liberal arts more generally.  The IAH aspires to be light on its feet, alert to innovative ideas and practices, and responding quickly to opportunities to further the work of the arts and humanities as understood and practiced by UNC faculty.  Finally—and crucially—the IAH serves as a bridge between the faculty and UNC alumni and donors, providing occasions for interchanges among these groups, and garnering philanthropic support for the faculty’s pedagogical and scholarly projects.

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